-The beauty and happiness of a house depends on a woman
-Mahaprabhu loved the plays that were staged by the devotees
-Gurudeva talks on the importance of the plays staged by the devotees
-When a husband does some punya-karma, he should share this activity with his wife
-Lord Jagannatha did not want to take Lakshni-devi with Himself because He was going from aishvarya-bhumi to madhurya-bhumi
-Mahaprabhu listen to hari-katha on Hera Panchami
-Importance of svajatiya asraya-snigdha. If you want to relish rasa-madhurya of Srimad-Bhagavatam you should listen like-minded sadhus
-Listen to mayavadis’ katha just to understand their arguments to be able to defeat them
-Qualities of a sadhu
-Real sadhus are very simple like young boys
-Better to be a karmi or even a thief than an imposter sadhu
-Sickness lila of Lord Jagannatna
-Srila BV Tirtha Maharaj’s hardest parikrama-seva
-Nowadays there is even no time to speak hari-katha at parikramas
-Why Lord Jagannatha took Baladeva and Subhadra with Him
-If a man performs sinful activities his wife does not share it with him


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