-Why Jagannatha gives His darshana to people
-All sadhakas must listen to gundica-marjana-lila
-Bhakti-devi is so tender. She will never appear in our hearts if we even have a desire for mukti
-Chant Bhagavan’s names to finish karma-vasana
-The story of the man who asked for the blessing of the goddess to get everything at once, and his neighbor got the same thing, but twice as much
-Тhe story of the pandit who wanted to write a thesis on the shortcomings of God
-Impostor sadhu: story of the sadhu who “saw” the oil mine
-First a person has a habit to see faults in ordinary people, then in vaishnavas, then in guru, then in Bhagavan
-Inner meaning of gundica-marjana-lila


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