-Who is Srila BhaktiVinod Thakur in Mahaprabhu Lila & Krishna Lila.
-Srimati Radhika leaving rasa lila & the formation of Manasa Sarovar
& special place Imli Taal where Krishna’s complexion changed.
-3 main desires of Krishna to come as Mahaprabhu.
-Krishna blows Vamsi & Klim sound comes out of it.
-Story of Svarna Sita becoming Gopis in next life.
-Glories of Dasarath Maharaj.
-Story of Mithala Kanya becoming Gopis in next life.
-Other than Gopi Jati Krishna won’t accept anyone as He is gopa.
-How ladies in swarga became as Gopis in next life.
-Gopis leave their household activities after hearing Krishna’s Vamsi.
-What did Krishna steal from Gopis.
-Vraja Gopis are Krishna samarpith atma.
-Consciousness of Milk to serve Krishna.
-In Spiritual world even dust of Vrindavan is cin maya.
-Whether you are householder or renounced person important is Bhajan.
-What is diksha & Guru’s duty for disciple.
-Krishna’s converation with a Gopi as why she didn’t decorate completely.
-Gopis decorating themselves in wrong manner

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