-Importance of listening to Dhruva Maharaj,Prahlada Maharaj Charitra.
-Hiranyakashipu’s conversation with Prahlada Maharaj after returning from school.
-Difference b/w human life & animal life.
-How rare & important is human life.
-Who is a sadhu.
-Wealth & best use of it.
-Humans are meant for Bhajan.
-Story of a man with lion,pythons,mice,elephant,honey bees to explain about the nature of this world.
-Asakti binds us & eg of Dhritarashtra.
-Only by sukriti, santa mahatma Kripa , Guru Kripa one gives up samsara.
-About Gita samsara.
-Be in sadhu sanga & do Bhajan & not alone in forest

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