-Why Bhagavan takes the side of devatas inspite of being equal to all.
-Questions has to be related to Bhagavan.
-Other than Hari Katha its a frog festival.
-Except Butcher everyone wants to liten to Bhagavath Katha.
-Even Advaitavadis give up Brahman meditation after hearing Hari Katha.
-Lila of Vyasadev’s attempts to speak Bhagavatam to Sukhadev Goswami.
-Brahmaji asking 4 Kumaras to get married.
-Sannyasa dharma & Grihashta Dharma.
-Doing Sri Hari Bhajan exclusively is humans duty.
-Lila of Lord Vishnu making 4 Kumaras to get attracted to His lotus feet.
-4 Kumaras cursing Jaya & Vijaya.


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