• Question: Should there be a deity of Nityananda Prabhu with one earring in our sanga?
  • Lila of Nityananda Prabhu plugging the snake hole with His earring in Ekachakragram
  • Bhima killed Bakasura, Arjuna shooted sarpa-bana (snake-shaped arrow)
  • Once one brahmana (Lakshmipati Tirtha or Madhavendra Puri) came to the house of Nityananda Prabhu and asked Nityananda Prabhu as an offering to him
  • 2 reasons for not wanting to chant holy names
  • 9 doors of a human being
  • Story of the disciple who had to give his guru something most useless and worst
  • Body is like a house with 9 doors and thousands of windows
  • 6 limbs of sharanagati


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