-Lord says to Narada Rshi that he has come to Shvetadvipa Dhama, Vipralambha Dhama. Vrindavana Dhama is Sambhoga Maya Dhama. -Gauranga Mahaprabhu is embodiment of separation. -Without separation meeting won’t be relishable.Yogamaya arranges separation to Krishna & gopis. -Just like fire & heat shakti & shaktimaan are same & eternally together. -4 types of viraha – purva-raga, mana, pravasa and prema-vaicittya. 4 types of milana – sankshipta, sankirna, sampurna and samrddhiman. -Shvetadvipa Dhama vasis colour is white due to viraha. Navadvipa Dhama means nine islands each representing one of Nava Vidha Bhakti. -What are the different names of Ganga Devi & how the name Jahnavi Devi came? -How 9 islands have formed in Navadvipa Dhama & about the names of different islands. -About Samudra meeting with his wife Ganga devi to attain Gaura’s mercy, About Samudra Sena & Bhima Sena fight. -Nimai’s Lila with Saci Mata asking for butter & showing tribhanga form playing the flute. -Saci Mata thinks Nimai as her son & not as Bhagavan due to Vatsalya. -Brahmaji performed many sacrifices in Navadvipa Dhama for Gaura’s mercy & to get rid of his offence of stealing Krishna’s friends & calves -About Aparadha Bhanjan Sthali, Gauranga considers laying down as obeisances, Nityananda Prabhu decides about fruits of sadhana. -Krishna’s invitation to Srimati Radhika to visit Navadvipa Dhama & after initial denial Srimati Radhika agrees on some conditions. -Krishna’s prayer to Srimati Radhika to appear in male form & so are Her sakhis. -Srimati Radhika told Krishna that Her desire is how to fulfill His desire. -How Krishna orders all devotees of Vaikunta, Ayodhya , Dwaraka, Mathura, Vrindavan to come to His Gaura Lila. -Krishna reasons that Baladeva Prabhu disturbed His previous lila & don’t want Him in Gaura lila. -After Baladeva Prabhu agrees not to complain or object Krishna, He is allowed to come as Nityananda Prabhu who is akrodha & in full bliss. -Chant Gaura mantra , Gayathri mantra to get Nityananda Prabhu’s mercy & get delivered.

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