Part 1

– About our anarthas; – Story of the old lady who was looking for her needle (only with bhakti we can find this prema which is inside ourselves); – Sreyah and preyah; – Srimati Radhika performs the highest seva and bhakti to Krsna; – A person bound by maya cannot see who is a real sadhu, but still dares to criticize a sadhu; – Dvivida Vanar katha (criticizing Laksman in rama lila, and then being killed by Baladeva prabhu); – Demons disturb to others even without any reason; – Were we in hell or heaven in previous life? How to know?; – About astrology: best to chant holy names!

Part 2

– Why the first nama aparadha is satam ninda and not gurur avajña? Because generally disciple will never criticize his own guru; – Those who criticize their guru, they think they are gurus. Going to hell, they try to drag others along with them. – “Sit down” joke; – How powerful it is just to sit in front of the sadhu; – 4 principles; – The 5 main religions and the 5 rasas; – We should never blow a birthday candle (but a lotus candle it’s very nice).

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