– Chaitanya Charitamrta, Madhya-lila, 5th chapter; – Story of the boatman and how Ramji lal came to testify; – Mahaprabhu goes to Saksi Gopal temple; – Story of the daughter-in-law married to a rich family who couldn’t give donation to sadhu because her father-in-law was only “eating the old, and not the new”; – Importance of speaking after thinking: in Kali Yuga people don’t give importance to words (promises made); -You have money in this birth due to donations you gave in previous life, but you must give donation in this life to be able to get money in the next life; – Brahmanas are bhusura (demigods, highest people) on the Earth; – The younger brahmana didn’t want to marry, he only wanted to keep the vow of the older brahmana.

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