– How hard it is to conquer the lust (the root of our bondage in maya); – Sloka of the result of hearing (phala sruti) of rasa lila (10.33.39, vikriditam vraja-vadhubhir idam ca vishnoh); – “Anusrnuyat”, anu means: under guidance, incessantly, listen from mouth of guru etc; – Definitions of bhakti; – Sambandhatmika bhakti (first relationship, then service) and kamatmika bhakti (first service, relationship doesn’t matter); – Gopis never think if they are even married or not; – “Pratilabhya kamam” – first kamanuga bhakti will come, and then hrd roga (lust, the disease of the heart) disappears, like the sunrays come and then darkness disappears; – Generally, first the lust goes away, then prema bhakti comes, but, with the rasa lila katha, it’s different, this is its special glory; – The two questions made by Pariksit about rasa lila katha; – Longest bridge is in Japan; – Lord is the supreme controller (Barbarik as a witness and lila with demigods).

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