Keshavaji Gaudiya Math, Mathura – Krsna tells the brahmanis to return back; – To follow Varnasrama pleases Lord Visnu; – Ramachandra and the Golden Sitas; – Krishna guarantees the brahmanis that they will be accepted; – Attachment: to Krsna or to your family (example of the silkworm and the spider); – Cause of our bondage ins the attachment; – The further away, the more separation one feels (example of the law of gravitation and the reason why Krsna left Vrindavan); – Brahmanis don’t want to go away from the lotus feet of Krsna; – Climate in Dubai is very hard; – Krishna is a gopa, He only accepts gopis; – Even an uttam uttam maha bhagavata, although beyond material conceptions, must follow the rules of society; – The three types of birth: shaukra janma, savitri janma and daiksa janma; – Why can’t ladies receive the brahma gayatri? – The king who was cursed to “change gender”; – Why can’t ladies receive the sacred thread? – What will happen if a lady forcefully chant the brahma gayatri mantra? – Men should not look at the place where women are bathing.

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