– Sakhas go to the wives of the brahmanas to try to get food; – 4 things we should offer to any beggar that comes to our house; – Darshan jata prema (Kubja), sravana jata prema (Rukmini) and sahaja jata prema (gopis); – Gopis “started” to love Krsna when they saw Him being bound by mother Yashoda; – Brahmanis brought the food meant for the fire sacrifice to Krsna although there were impediments; – Brahmanis glorify the beauty of Krsna; – If a leaf doesn’t move without the Lord’s desire then why is there evil in the world? – Lila of Hanuman all painted in sindhur; – The topmost beauty of Krsna: if we look at one part of His body, we don’t want to look elsewhere (and our tears are like an enemy blocking our vision).

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