– Srimad Bhagavatam, 10th Canto, Chapter 22;- Importance of the mantra in the worship;- Young ladies dream about their wedding (but it happens according to your destiny);- Maha Maya also means Yogamaya;- Who is Durga devi?- 3 things we should in privacy: bhajana, bhojana and raman; – Real love is always kept hidden;- Maya covers and throws the jiva (avaranatmika vrtti and viksepatmika vrtii);- Gopis worshipped Katyayani but who came instead was Krishna;- Who did Katyayani vrata? Sadhana siddha gopis;- At the last day, the nitya siddha gopis came;- Our Guru varga didn’t perform this vow;- We already do the most important vow: the Kartik vrata;- Sloka of the Puranas: who does Katyayani vrata becomes maid servant of the queens d Dvaraka.

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