– Kartik vrata (performing service and following the limbs of bhakti) never ends; – Everybody serves (it’s the nature of the soul): baddha jiva’s anti-clockwise service (service to maya) should turn into a clockwise service to Lord; – Why Srimati Radhika is the highest servant of Krishna (She knows Krsna’s heart); – How to serve guru? Which kind of water we should bring for him? – A sevaka never stops; – Srimati Radhika expands as all the sakhis to please Krsna; – Why the name of Radha is Radha: She fulfills all the desires of Krishna; – The potency of bhakti is already inside us just like a seed; – We can eat before performing a fire sacrifice; – Celebrations for Gurudev’s Centennial festival in Mathura.

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