– In different eras, Srimati Radhika appears in different ways (from egg, from fire etc);- “Vraja” means to move: Nanda Maharaja and Vrsabhanu Maharaja used to live close by no matter where (Nanda Gaon/ Varsana, Gokula/ Raval);- Parvati and Shiva concerned that Nandi and Ganesha might be carried away with all the donations that Nanda Maharaja was giving;- The beauty of the nature in the moment that Vrsabhanu Maharaja finds Srimati Radhika on a lotus in the Yamuna river;- Narada comes in search of Srimati Radhika and “blesses” baby Radha;- Different melodies for singing Radha krpa kataksa song;- Why did Radha appear with Her eyes shut, and the lila in which She opened Her eyes for the first time.

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