• Vrinda devi didn`t want to leave Vrindavana (when the Muslim`s attack was iminent);
  • There are only two Deities of Vrinda devi in Brhat Vrndavana;
  • The difference and speciality of: Vrnda devi, Yogamaya and Purnamasi devi;
  • The role of Vrinda devi;
  • 3 kinds of sakhis (krsna paksa, ubhay paksa and radha paksa);
  • Srimati Radhika tests the manjaris to see if they want to meet independently with Krsna or not;
  • What are the mañjaris? They have one-pointed nistha in Srimati Radhika;
  • Vilapa kusumanjali sloka: how is it possible that Rupa Mañjari has a bite on her lips;
  • Vrinda devi and her role in the Nisanta Lila waking up Radha and Krishna (with the help of the birds, rooster, the she-monkey Kakkhati and the parrots).

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