• Difference between material lust and real love;
  • Meaning of kama (prema of the gopis);
  • Gopis only want to give pleasure to Krsna`s senses;
  • Kamyavan is not Vrindavana (some people think so);
  • Aurangzeb, Muslim king, attacked Vrndavana and the king of Jaipur saved some Deities;
  • Vrinda devi did not want to leave Vrindavana;
  • Importance of Vrinda Devi Deity and Her establishment in Rupa Sanatana Gaudiya Math;
  • Pandavas stayed in Kamyavan during their exile;
  • story when Duryodhana was staying in Kamyavan to provoke the Pandavas and he was caught by the Gandharvas led by Chitrasena, Pandavas came and saved him;
  • lila of Durvasa Rsi coming with his 60.000 disciples to be fed by the Pandavas (but Pandavas had no food to offer)- terrorism: to harass ladies

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