Venu Gita and Rasa-lila katha

  • Srimad Bhagavatam speaks things in an indirect way;
  • the reason why Sukadeva Gosvami did not take the name of Srimati Radhika and of the gopis in the Bhagavatam;
  • Venu gita katha;
  • gopis grow up and cannot any longer mix freely with Krsna;
  • the importance of varnasrama-dharma (ex: Manu Samhita);
  • gopis grow up: the restlessness of their feet shifts to their eyes;
  • the beauty of the autumn season (relating to the cleaning of the anarthas);
  • even at the stage of bhava, the anarthas might come back;
  • about the rajo dharma (menstruation) of the gopis;
  • example of the deer and does of Vrindavana listening to the sound of Krsna`s flute;
  • the woman who had been rejected by her husband and who came to Lord Ramachandra searching for justice;
  • summary of rasa-lila.

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