-Naimisaranya rishi questions

-Krishna appears, krishna-blackish complexion with His own limbs and body (eternal associates Baladeva Prabhu ji)

-Yuga-dharma to chant the maha-mantra and worshipable deity is Krishna

-Mahaprabhu chasing behind living entities

-Curse of brahmana and Mahprabhu takes sannyasa

-Two symptoms of worshipable deity in Kali-yuga; He chants krishna-nama and fresh complexion

-calling of Advaita Acharya as to why Mahaprabhu came

-Mahaprabhu appears and all incarnations inside him

-Radha-krsna0lila of ahaituki-mana (causeless sulky mood), Pavanadeva playing with Radharani’s cloth and the sweet fragrance of the cloth is coming. Krsna is thinking what kind of love in the heart of Srimati Radhika, how will I taste?

-Krsna steals mood and complexion of Srimati Radhika

-Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu is the embodiment of munificence and magnanimity He tastes this prema (but does not completely taste) and distributes to everyone

-Six types of people who don’t want to taste this prema

-In this incarnation Lord does not discriminate who is qualified and who is not

-According to one’s own capacity you accept but it is distributed to all

-You qualify more by surrender

-Six limbs of sharanagati

-First surrender to Guru then Krsna, Guru is vaishnava, Vaishnava is guru

-Mantra-guru, shiksha-guru

-Krsna is vishaya-vigraha, Gurudeva is ashraya-vigraha

-Guru serves disciples, baby cannot serve parents

-Guru inspires in the heart of disciples to serve

-You just need to sleep in Navidvipa for dhama-seva

-Dhama-seva, prasada-seva, listen to hari-katha in dhama


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