• The birth of Shukadeva Gosvami.
  • Shukadeva Gosvami walked towards the forest.
  • The apsaras, beautiful women, didn’t feel ashamed when Shukadeva Gosvami passed by them without any clothes on.
  • The beautiful answer of the apsaras to Vyasadeva’s question.
  • Radha is the soul of Krishna.
  • Atmarama and aptakama are just words for Krishna.
  • In the transcendental world there is no difference between the limbs of the body and the body and the soul of the body, it’s all one.
  • Why is Krishna called Radha-Ramana?
  • The transcendental spiritual form of the jiva exists, it has to be self-realised through the process.
  • Self-realisation is the best realisation.
  • Always meditate on God.


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