-All activities start from prana.
-What activities are done by buddhi & by svabhavik.
-Romancha,Perspiration comes when sattvik-bhava affects prana.
-How does stambha/stunned happens
-Example of Indraparsatha girl married in Vrindavan to explain about stambha.
-When does the sattvik-bhava of tears come from eyes & types of tears.
-When does the sattvik-bhava of bodily colour change happen?
-When does the sattvik-bhava of unconsciousness happen?
-How does a bhakta in stambha sattvik-bhava think in humility?
-Difference between Krodh of bhakta & abhakta.
-Bhakta gets tears due to ananda coming from the darshan of Bhagavan.
-Gopis fell unconscious in Bijuwari village when they can’t see Krsna.
-Srimati Radhhika says I won’t give Krsna even if one offers Her wealth.
-Victory of Surya-deva over Vayu-deva in making a person remove his jack


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