-As per sastra one shouldn’t follow Dasami-vriddha-ekadashi.
-Reason for Gandhari to lose 100 sons & For Sita-devi facing many difficulties in life is due to following dasami-vriddha-ekadashi.
-Krsna says Gita is My hrudaya-svarupa.
-Essence of all sastras in Bhagavd-Gita only.
-Bhagavad Gita has 18 names. About Gita’s name as Ganga & the significance.
-Gita’s name as Savithri & story of Savithri who defeated Yamaraja taking her husband’s soul by asking a boon of begetting children.
-Gita’s name as Sita & Lila of Chaya_Sita being kidnapped by Ravana & actual Sita-devi is with Parvati-devi which even guru-tattva Lakshmana doesn’t know.
-Even by taking the name of Gita in the early morning, auspiciousness will come.
-If someone touches Gita, papa will go away.
-Offer Ganga-jala,Tulasi & Chandana to Gita.
-Gita’s name as Pativrata & story of Anusuya making Brahma,Vishnu,Shivaji as small children & Sarasvati-devi,Parvati-devi & Lakshmi-devi come to beg for them.
-Story of brahmini stopping the sunrise with her chastity after Mandava Rishi cursed her husband suffering from leprosy to die before sunrise.
-Madava-Rishi katha as to why he is given punishment to sit on a spear.
-If one only follows varnashrama-dharma & doesn’t do bhajan then one will be sent to Naraka.
-Jiva’s duty is to serve Parama-pati Krsna-seva.
-By studying Gita Brahma-jnana will manifest in the heart.
-Gita is non different from Krsna.
-By reading Gita 3 folds of miseries will get destroyed.
-Time can’t touch you if Gita is read by you.
-Jiva’s illusion that he is body will be removed by Gita.
-About Jnana,Vairagya & ananya-bhakti.
-api cet suduracaro & srava-dharman parijyate slokas discussion.
-Why Jnanis fall down but not bhaktas & about prema-chaksu & Kama-chaksu.
-About Gita’s name as Tattva-artha.
-Topmost upasana of Radha-Krsna is manjari-bhava sadhana


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