-Giriraja Govardhana is the soul of the Vrajavasis
-The trees are the hairs of Girirajа Govardhanа, which stand up on end at the touch of Krishna’s lotus feet.
-The first Haridasa is Yudhishthira Maharaja, the glories of Yudhishthira Maharaja and Kunti
-The second Haridasa is Uddhava; the glories of Uddhava
-Giriraja Govardhana and Pulastya Rishi lila
-The lila on how the gopi burned the roti
-The story of a woman who, through her chastity, stopped the sun from moving
-The story of how a brahmani continued to serve her husband despite her child being burned in a fire
-The story told by the gopis to Krishna of a brahmani serving the deity of her husband and her husband himself
-The meaning of this life is to serve Jagannatha
-The purity and sublimity of rasa-lila
-The girls of Janaka-puri were born as gopis in krishna-lila and entered rasa-lila
-People don’t follow the practice properly and blame the guru for not changing their lives
-Lila of Krishna moving Mathura’s inhabitants to Dvaraka
-Caitanya Mahaprabhu is the worshipable deity of Kali-yuga
-Lila of the curse of Parikshit Maharaja


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