-Sukhadev gosvami becomes immersed & speaks about Bhagavatam.
-Srila Parama gurudev starting Bhagavath Saptaha first time in Gaudiya Sampradaya.
-Main objective of katha is to engage the mind in Lord’s lotus feet.
-To bring one to bhakti-marg is difficult.
-Do Bhagavath-nama & bhajan. Read sastras.
-Bhakti means seva. Do seva with mamatha & sambandha-jnana.
-How Krsna receives orders from Yashoda Maiyya & Nanda baba like a small child inspite of being Supreme Person.
-Yashoda Maiyya asks Krsna why do You steal & trying to make Him understand.
-Nanda baba asks Krsna to bring his sandals.
-Gopis would say to Krsna to massage their feet.
-Krsna places Srimati Radhikas feet on His head.
-Lila of gopis giving Krsna their foot dust for Krsna to recover from fever.
-Everything is for Krsna-sukh in cit-jagat.
-Krsna relishes & makes devotees to relish.
-One has to read books in sadhu-sanga.
-Srimati Radhika is topmost nayika Svadhina bathrika Nayika.
Krsna is Dhira lalitha Nayaka.
-Lila of Srimati Radhika doing mana & closing kunja door & Krsna asking for forgiveness.
-Transcendental sound enters the ears & cleans the heart of anarthas.
-One gets nishta by hearing Srimad Bhagavatam again & again.
-Jiva is affected by Maya’s 3 gunas & example of 3 dogs being beaten up.
-Different types of bhakti.
-Vyapti-dosh & avyapti-dosh with examples of Yashoda Maiyya & Chanur & Mustika.


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