-The symptoms of bhava
-Mahaprabhu used to say, ‘The essence of life is krishna-nama. Everyone, chant with Me’
-Saci-mata thinks Her son has the disease of air and that’s why He could not sleep at nights
-Once people tested menthol oil on my head and I had fever then because this oil is extremely cold
-One cannot understand prema by the path of knowledge but through realisation
-The story of how Haridasа Thakurа fell into ecstasy when a snake reminded him of Krishna’s kalya-damanа-lila, and how a brahmanа tried to mimic Haridasа Thakurа’s ecstasy
-Lila of how Krishna with the help of kasoti tested the beauty of all the gopis
-The humorous story of how a man mistakenly said his name was Narendra Modi
-On artificial transcendental symptoms – Not all that glitters is gold
-8 ecstasy symptoms
-The story of how a bride who married а Vrajavasi got prema just by touching the dust of Vrindavanа
-Aropa-siddha-bhakti and sanga-siddha-bhakti do not create shuddha-bhakti, they just assist it
-Santa-mahatma takes so much effort to bring people to the path of bhakti


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