-What are sadhana & Sadya.
-What is asakti & it condenses to rati & then to bhava,prema.
-Sadhak has to think that he is Krsna’s dasa.
-By chanting sukriti comes & takes to sadhu-sanga & then anartha-nivurtti happens & attains bhava after many lives.
-Do smaran of Krsna’s lilas while doing nama.
-Sadhaka has to think he is Radhika’s palya-dasi & not as in ahamgropasana.
-Sadhana is up to asakti & bhava is kripa-sadya.
-Importance of doing limbs of bhakti in sadhu-sanga & how it works.
-Vaishnava aparadha & Nama aparadha happens due to lack of priti.
-First become a guru-dasa before becoming Krsna-dasa.
-5 stages of prema. Dhumayi,Jvalith,Dipta,Udiptha,Sudipta
-The more prema is hidden the more sweet it will be.
-Krsna comes as Shyamala sakhi to ask Radharani as to why She does mana & uses harsh words with Him.
-In cit-jagat everything is for Krsna’s pleasure.
-By nama-prabhu Kripa svarupa-jnana will occur.
-Sadhaka can reach up to bhava-dasa & what characteristics are shown in prema-dasa.
-Transcendental things by hearing again & again will give you realisations.
-Description of Lord’s beautiful form.
-Mahaprabhu says to a boy that his reading of Bhagavad Gita on guru’s orders is successful inspite of improper pronounciation.
-Conversation between Srimati Radharani & Brhamara from Brhamara-Gita.
-To hear Radhaji’s prema-katha Krsna came as Brhmara.
-Symptoms of bhava-bhakti.
-About Radhaji’s Kripa & Srila Raghunatha das Gosvami exclusively praying for it.
-Lila of Radharani desiring to meet with Krsna & when brought near Krsna’s Kunja She says to manjari as why did you bring Me here.
-Lila of Radharani scolding manjari instead of Chitra-sakhi who said about where Radharani is hiding to Krsna in a hide & seek game.


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