-How do gopis feel in viraha of Govinda.
-Difference between prema of this world & spiritual world.
-Radhaji says even my friends leave me & my parents , guru criticize Me but I wont leave My pranakantha Govinda.
-Aout papa & punya.
-Gopis sarira is best as they got rudha-bhava towards Govinda.
-5 types of chetana.
-Humans are given discrimination to think what is papa & punya.
-Mukulita-cetana is from where one thinks of paramartha.
-Vikacita-chetana is from sraddha to asakti.
-Poorna Vikacita-chetana chetana is at bhava-dasa.
-Characteristics in viraha.
-Characteristics in purvaraga.
-Lila of fruit seller from Mathura hearing about Krsna, willing to have His darshan & finally getting stunned after darshan.
-Krsnadas Kaviraj gosvami says all universe’s beauty on one side won’t match Govinda’s small inch beauty.
-Lila of Bilvamangal thakura glorifying the darshan of Krsna & don’t want to see any other material things.
-Gopis are describing Krsna’s beautiful form & Venu-dhvani.
-Prema is hidden in cit-jagat & gopis prema is crooked in nature.
-Venu-gita is purvaraga katha.
-Everything in spiritual world is Krsna anukula & for Krsna’s seva.
-Gopis out of jealousy speaking about Venu drinking necatar from Krsna’s lotus lips.
-Lila of gopi catching Krsna red-handed for stealing butter
& complaining to Yashoda Maiyya but getting fooled due to Krsna’s maya.


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