-Story of a sadhu giving mantra to birds & they remember guru & mantra when caught in a net by hunter & escaped from net.
-If we don’t take diksha-mantra & don’t do japa , one won’t be uplifted from this samsara.
-We are in the samsara in the net of maya & grains are like samsara’s rupa, rasa, sabda, gandha & we are entrapped in it.
-By hari-nama only we can get liberated from this samsara.
-Suddha-bhakta writes by his realisations & that will be sabda-brahma.
-Hear from that person who is bhajan-shila,suddha-vaishnava as there will be shakti in his hari-katha & bhajan.
-Who is a vaishnava?
-Lomaharsha Rishi giving name Narayana to Ajamila’s son & Ajamila getting angry at it.
-Whoever worshipped Vasudeva-vigraha for 100 lives will be able to chant Lord’s name.
-How Indian civilization is falling down.
-By nama-abhasa all the sins are eliminated.
-Lord’s name given by sadhu to children is powerful.
-By doing nama again & again sukriti will come.
-Ajamila hearing the conversation between Vishnudutas & Yamadutas.
-By sat-sanga one will get jnana,vairagya & bhakti.
-When bhakti comes automatically jnana & vairagya will come.
-Bhakti-devi telling about her katha of her birth, about her 2 sons & their situation in Gujarat , Vrindavan to Narada Rishi
-Story of a Panditji who preaches about Ekadashi but dont practise himself.
-Chant Mahamantra in brahmamuhurtha.
-About Srila Paramagurudev chanting 64 rounds since childhood.
-Lila of Srila Paramagurudev not attending office duty as he was chanting & Bhagavan Himself did the duty for him.
-Ananyas cintayanto mam ye janah paryupasate sloka discussion.
-Even if one gets sad-guru & doesn’t chant guru-mantra , diksha-mantra one won’t have auspiciousness.
-About Madhavendra Puripada with his 2 disciples.
-Stay away from Guru-aparadhi & do bhajan.


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