-Everything is controlled by time, by the Lord
-Influence of maya on jivas
-First should be shravanakhya-bhakti, then harinama
-The great warriors (Bhishma Pitamah, Dronacarya, Karna, Ashvatthama) were defeated by Arjuna as Krishna arranged everything
-Killing of Pandavas’ sons by Ashvatthama
-Krishna protects Parikshit Maharaja in the womb of his mother Uttara from brahmastra
-Kunti’s prayers to Krishna
-Problems related to vigraha-seva
-Narada Rishi praises the luck of Yudhishthira Maharaja to be a friend of Krishna
-The story of the frog’s pride before the elephant (briefly); people’s pride
-People’s attempts to hide their old age
-Kapiladeva-Devahuti samvada
-Vamanadeva and Bali Maharaja katha
-Take the Lord’s respective names when you do different activities


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