Part 1

-The 6 questions of Shaunakadi Rishis to Suta Gosvami
-Narada Rishi explains Vyasadeva the reason of his mind’s disturbance and gives him instruction what to write
-People’s concerns day and night; their endeavours to be happy
-Happiness of impersonal merge in Brahman is so tiny
-Types of mukti
-Ganesha and Vyasadeva
-Bhagavan knows all languages even the language of aunts and dogs
-Lila of Lord Ramachandra protecting the dog kicked by a pujari
-Lila of Lord Ramachandra repenting for not helping a woman whose husband rejected her
-If you bathe with Tulasi on the neck, you’ll go to Vaikuntha
-If you take bath in Magh month, you will go to some special heavenly planet
-Do not listen to hari-katha from non-vaishnavas
-Sadhus do not see faults in others, only good qualities (example – Yudhishthira Maharaja)
-4 types of listeners of hari-katha
-Narada Rishi tells his life history to Vyasadeva
-We are not the doers; the Lord gives us inspiration and we do
-The form of Jagannatha is so merciful

Part 2

Part 3


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