-The more sukriti is matured one gets sadhu-sanga & gets taste in hari-katha.
-Definitions of sadhaka as per different levels.
-Mahaprabhu preached about Vraja Prema bhakti.
-Bilvamangal Thakura’s Katha of his birth, doing his brahminical duties & bhakti,hankering to meet Chintamani inspite of fathers & wife death & she finally instructs him to have same eagerness for Krsna instead of her.
-Bilvamangal thakur instead of going to Vrindavan gets attracted to a woman’s face.
-Why Kubja’s rati towards Krsna considered as sadharana-rati?
-Kubja previous life story as Surpanaka in rama-lila & what made her come as Kubja in krsna-lila.
-Can Bhagavan have friends or enemies.
-Rati is first stage of bhava.
-About Dvaraka queens Samanjasa-rati.
-About gopis Samartha-rati.
-Yogamaya’s arrangement of making dream-like marriage for gopis,making gopas busy in work so that they dont associate with gopis.
-Other than Govinda gopis don’t touch anyone.
-Krsna’s atma-svarupa is Radhaji. So He is one-pointed with Radharani.
-Why did yogamaya make gopis see that Krsna is with other gopis.
-Without many gopis there wont be rasa-ullasa.
-About Vrishabhanu-nandini Radhika & Her 2 forms Samyogini-Radha & Viyogini-Radha
-First nama-nishta , guru-nishta , seva-nishta.When nishta manifests mind won’t be restless.
-About different expansions of Srimati Radhika & reason behind the expansions.
-When Radhika is called manjaris automatically come.
-Manjari-bhava is one-pointed with Srimati Radhika.


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