-Bhagavan manifests in 3 forms: nama,vigraha & svarupa.
-About the vigraha manifested by Uttama MahaBhagavath.
-Bhagavan shows anugraha to suddh-bhakta who can see Bhagavan & not the stone in vigraha.
-Krsna’s avatars & Himself also likes to have darshan of Krsna.
-Bhagavan all forms are sat-cid-ananda & nondifferent from Krsna but varies as per rasa-madhurya.
-About santa-pradhan-dasya in Vaikunta & bhaktas dealings with Lord Narayana in Vaikunta.
-In Vaikunta demons can’t go & maya has no qualification to enter.
-Bhagavan maintains His status by keeping servants like Jaya,Vijaya etc.
-In Vaikunta bhakta thinks Bhagavan is atmarama & aptakama.
-Lila of Brahmaji giving resignation to Brahma’s post & again running back seeing the competition among devatas to get that post.
-One won’t get ahankara & be disturbed when one knows everything is predestined & happens by the mercy of the Lord. But one shouldn’t stop vichar & doing duty.
-Why Bhagavan rushed to grab the lotus from Gajendra.
-About Lord Ramachandra’s mood & dasya-pradhan santa in Ayodhya.
-About brahmana qualities & who is brahmana in kali-yuga with example of Haridas thakura.
-Brahma-vimohana lila & did Brahmaji really take away calves & sakhas who are Lord’s Svarupa-shakti.
-Krsna is one Svarupa but manifests in 4 forms Svayam-rupa,tadekatma,jiva-shakti,maya-shakti.
-About Gopala-mantra,Kama-Gayatri mantra & gopi-bhava mantra.
-About Lords suddha brahmana-abhimana in vaikunta, Kshatriya-abhimana in Ayodhya & vaisya-abhiman in Goloka.
-Lila of Brahmaji saying to Krsna that He is Mula Narayana when Krsna says He is gopa-jati & Brahmaji is brahmana whose father is Narayana.
-Ravana didn’t touch Sita-devi as She is an expansion of Radharani.
-Why was Bhagavan pleased with Indra’s prayers & not Brahmaji’s prayers even though Indra did a greater offence.
-Bhagavan gets pleased with Vraja-katha.
-Lord Ramachandra laid the platform for maryada & Krsna manifested lila.
-Mahaprabhu is audaryamaya vigraha & distributed prema everywhere.


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