-Navami-tithi in relation to different activities of Lord Rama.
-Sita-devi appeared on Navami.
-Meaning of Akshaya & everything diminishes in this world.
-Bhagavath-nama is akshaya.
-Karma,Jnana,Yoga isn’t akshaya but bhakti is akshaya.
-Bhaktas do activities only for Bhagavan’s pleasure.
-Anyabhilashita sunyam sloka discussion.
-If vaishnava-aparadha is done, bhakti willn’t grow.
-Bhagavan is controlled by bhakti.
-Sadhu-sanga means listening to hari-katha.
-Associate with vaishnava-sadhu.
-Who can be called as Gaudiya.
-A soul worshipping Radha-Krsna under Mahaprabhu’s guidance goes to both Svetadvipa-dham & Vrindavan-dham.
-Gopala meaning.Importance of caring for cows as they are dear to Krsna.
-Lila of Mahaprabhu asking a sarvagna brahmana as what He was in previous life that He took birth in brahmana family.
-Bhagavan has ananta-svarupa.


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