-Though Krishna demonstrated His opulence to the gopis and sakhas, they never believe He is Bhagavan
-Lila of Mahaprabhu teasing brahmanas
-Deva-lilas, manava-lilas, raja-lilas of Bhagavan
-Sacimata thinks Nimai is a normal boy, not the Supreme Lord
-Ashraya-vigraha, vishaya-vigraha
-Raya Ramananda relished a little the mood of Samyogini Radha
-Meeting nourishes separation
-4 types of separation
-5 meetings and 3 separations in the maha-mantra
-The gopis love for Krishna
-The stages of anartha-nivritti
-The gopis hide their feelings and impose them on others, e.g. they think the cows are fortunate as their ears become as cups drinking the nectar of Krishna’s flute


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