-Life begins when we speak hari-katha
-The essence of life is to perform bhagavad-bhajana
-What mantra will fructify
-The message of Srimad-BHagavatam is how to get prema by gradually performing bhajana
-Thue guru is like a fisherman as he ‘catches his disciples on a hook’
-Citraketu Maharaja/Vritrasura pastime
-If the Lord wants to protect someone no one will kill him
-Vapu-seva and vani-seva
-The story of the Vaishnava family who did not want to share a jackfruit with other Vaishnavas
-If even one person will take our message, then our preaching is successful
-Ambarisha Maharaja and Durvasa Rishi
-The story of the worthless disciple who could not bring water to his guru (in brief)
-Krishna’s janma-lila


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