-About Sraddha-karma & when to do & when not to do.
-5 things forbidden in Kali-yuga.
-Lila of Advaita Acharya honouring Haridas Thakura first in His fathers sraddha-karma, the brahmanas became angry and left His house; then the incidents in the aftermath.
-Haridas Thakura is a great Vaisnava & Mahaprabhu gave him the title Namacharya.
-One who chants the holy names is higher than a Samavedi brahmana.
-Mahaprabhu went to Gaya & performed sraddha to his father.
-Forefathers are thinking if any Vaisnava will come in their family to deliver them.
-Mahaprabhu is crying looking at Jagannatha Mahaprasadam.
-Lila of Krsna stepping on the tree branch where Srimati Radhika is plucking flowers, making her hang from the branch; then he jumps down to lift her up.
-Lila of Srila Rupa Goswami arranging a feast to pacify Kanja Krsna Das who thought Srila Rupa Goswami offended him.
-Srila Vamana Goswami Maharaja said you can chant less, but just don’t commit vaisnava-aparadha.
-Think you aren’t vaisnava & everyone else is vaisnava. Respect all.
-Lila of Mahaprabhu punishing Chapala Gopal for his vaisnava-aparadha to Srivasa Thakur & giving him mercy after taking sannyasa.
-Never criticise anyone, just chant holy names.
-No need to do sraddha-karma if you are vaisnava that is one-pointed to Krsna.
-Story of a person laughing at Yamadutas in spite of punishments, and saying one vaisnava will come in his dynasty, and they will offer respects to him.
-Number of generations in one’s family that becomes liberated for kanishta, madhyama & uttama-adhikaris vaisnavas.
-Srila Param Gurudeva is a direct sakhi of Srimati Radhika, Ramana Manjari.
-Lila of Srila Param Gurudeva getting prasadam from Seva-kunja priest after he got instruction from Srimati Radhika in a dream.
-Story of a person saved in Yamaloka from punishments as a sadhu caught hold of his hand.


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