-Ramachandra comes in Surya-vamsa (the Sun dynasty) and Krishna comes in Chandra-vamsa (the Moon dynasty)
-Analysis of the qualities of the sun and moon to determine which is more important
-The role of women in ancient and modern India
-Hanuman’s nishtha (one-pointedness) towards Ramachandra
-Hanuman does not rush to meet Yadavendra, but takes one jump to meet Raghavendra (Ramachandra)
-Radharani is an ishtadevi of Gaudiya Vaishnavas. Radhashtami should be celebrated ten times better than Janmashtami!
-Janmashtami is celebrated to make Radharani happy; Radhashtami is celebrated to make Krishna happy
-The glories of Yugala Sarakara, the Divine Couple Sri Sri Radha-Krishna
-The meaning of the word ‘Raval’
-Origin of the word ‘Vraj’
-The story of a rich widower who had no daughter and accepted Srimati Radharani as his daughter


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