-Sadhana Bhakti , Bhava Bhakti , Prema Bhakti & their results.
-Satyavrata Munis greed for madhurya rasa.
-About Krishna’s nectrean lips.
-Krishna in Mohini roopa forces gopis to drink His nectarean lips.
-How does Krishna attracts gopis.
-Srimati Radhika says her defect is she cann’t give up hearing Krishna Katha.
-Effects of hearing Krishna Katha.
-When bhakti manifests jnana & vairagya will appear.
-Story of Lalababu with boatman.
-Until sukriti gets matured sravan wont have effect.
-After sukriti matures one gets vairagya after sravan.
-Time once gone will not come again.
-Story behind judge Saahib Mandir.
-With Bhagavan’s Kripa & sukriti one gets vairagya.
-Brahma & devatas also does tapasya to become servants of Krishna.
-Biksha vs donation.
-Story of a richman being called as beggar by Bankim Bihariji disguissed as poor boy.
-Mahaprabhu said ask seva , bhakti from Bhagavan.

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