-Haridas Thakur is nearest & dearest to Mahaprabhu.
-Haridas Thakur is an eternal associate in Svetadvipa dham.
-Haridas Thakur is the combined form of Brahma & Prahlada Maharaj.
-Brahma Vimohana Lila.
-Lila of sakhas eating rasagullas & complaining on Lobhasura to Krishna.
-If anyone glorifies Vrajavasis Krishna smiles.
-Brahmaji did fire sacrifices in Navadvipa dhama & Krishna gave the benediction to Brahmaji to serve in His Gaura Lila for preaching Hari Nama.
-Brahmaji asks Krishna to allow him to be born in a low class family to be humble.
-Haridas Thakur from birth spontaneously chanting Hare Krishna mantra.
-Mahaprabhu glorified Nama Mahima thru Haridas Thakur who chanted 3 lakh Names daily.
-Who will benefit by loud chanting? How to chant the Holy Name to get Krishna Prema?
-Who can chant Suddha Nama & what are the 4 qualifications to chant Suddha Nama?
-How will you be free from maya as per Srila BhaktiVinod Thakur?
-How Mayadevi pulls one down when one tries to advance in bhajan sadhan.
-Never criticize & listen to criticism of bonafide sadguru & which guru can be rejected.
-Lila of Mayadevi testing Srila Haridas Thakur.
-If Suddha Nama manifests on your tongue automatically, Holy Names dance on the tip of tongue.
-Lila of Mahaprabhu with Gopla Guru about chanting in toilet.
-Ajamila Katha & Glories of Chanting Holy Names.
-Lila of Haridas Thakur expressing inability to complete his rounds when Mahaprabhu offered Jagannatha prasadam in Sidda Bakul.
-Lila of Mahaprabhu granting Haridas Thakur his final desire & placing him in samadhi.
-Lila of Mahaprabhu declaring the ocean as maha tirtha after bathing Hari das thakur & arranging Prasadam for the feast by personally asking in ananda bazaar.

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