-Radhika’s prema is the topmost
-Love should be reciprocal
-6 limbs of love and affection
-Iness and myness: which one is best
-The trees of Vrindavana offer fruits to Krishna
-At first there should be one-pointedness to Guru
-Cobra helps Krishna to pacify Srimati Radhika’s anger
-Even the sand of Vrindavana is cetana, conscious
-If you listen to krishna-katha with absorption, you will achieve Goloka Vrindavana
-If you listen hari-katha attentively, lust and anger will not come to you
-Rupa-Sanatana are real Vrajavasis. And those who follow them are also Vrajavasis
-Appearance of Radha-kunda and Shyama-kunda
-Everyday recite Radha-kripa-kataksha
-Read “Madhu Smita Sri-Radha”

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