-Ganga got more significance due to Mahaprabhu’s Lila.
-Srivas Thakur leaves Srihatta district & comes to Navadvipa to hear from Advaita Acharya.
-Advaita Acharya’s, avatar of Maha Vishnu & Sada Shiva moved Krishna by offering Tulasi with Ganga jal.
-Srila Narayana Goswami Maharaj used to watch Mahaprabhu lila drama & Rasa Lila drama.
-Malini devi used to serve Saci Mata. Srivas Pandit used to discuss Krishna Katha Lila with Jagannatha Mishra.
-Nityananda Prabhu- an avadhuta.
-Lila of Nityananda Prabhu asking the crow to get back the ghee container of Malini devi.
-Reason for studying sastras is to have Krishna bhakti.
-Mahaprabhu goes to Gaya & becomes bhavuk.
-Mahaprabhu showing chatur bhuja Vishnu form to Srivas Thakur.
-Mahaprabhu’s with Srivasa Thakur’s daughter Narayani & Her service.
-Lila of Mahaprabhu saying what is the need for tapasya if Lord Vishnu is worshipped to a vairagya hiding in secrecy to see Naam sankirtan in Srivas Thakur’s house.
-Bhakti has to be svabhavik. Hari Bhajan is our main purpose.
-Vyasa Puja in Srivas Thakur’s house.
-5 places where Mahaprabhu always stays.
-Raghava Pandit & Damayanthi when they go to Jagannatha Puri used to take all ingredients required for 1 year to Mahaprabhu

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