-2 types of Lilas in Goloka Vrindavana. 1.Madhurya Lila 2.Audarya Lila

-Vrindavan is like karnika of lotus & Goloka is the boundary of Vrindavan

-In Goloka sakhiyattva-bhava is more prominent than parakiyattva-bhava

-In Vrindavan only parakiyattva-bhava is present & hence completely has madhurya-bhava

-In Goloka Radha Krishna thinks they are married even though no marriage ceremony happened

-In Vrindavan gopis have abhiman & think they are married to gopas & Krishna is their beloved.

-Yogamaya arranges in such a way that gopas can never touch gopis.

-Madhurya is divided into sambhoga/milana (meeting) & viraha (separation). Madhurya is again 2 types sambhandatmika & kamatmika. Kamatmika is of 2 types Sambhoga-mayi-iccha & tat-tat-bhava-mayi-iccha.

-Sambhoga-mayi lila in Vrindavan & vipralambha-bhava (separation mood) in Shvetadvipa-dhama is present.

-Without separation relishment in meeting will not come.

-There are four types of sambhoga: sanksipta (brief meeting), sankirna (contracted meeting), sampanna (successful meeting) – also called sampurna (complete) – and samrddhiman (fully flourishing meeting).

-These four types of meeting depend on four types of separation – purva raga, mana, kincid dura pravasa and sudura pravasa.

-Sadhaka has to feel separation from Krishna. Sadhaka first has to go to Navadvipa-dhama & then to Vrindavan by causeless mercy of Gauranga.

-If you worship Shachinandana Gaurahari you will go to Shvetadvipa-dhama & Vrindavan.

-One who has sambandha-jnana with Guru & Krishna will cry for Guru & Krishna. Diksha is completed only after bhava stage is attained.

-Pastime of Nimai with Shachimata.

-Guru can change disciple provided disciple gives up independency.

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