Mother Yashoda sees universes in Krsna + Krsna’s pastimes with His friends

– Lila of Krsna eating mud;- Krishna shows all the universes inside His belly to Mother Yashoda, but she doesn’t believe He is Bhagavan (pure vatsalya rasa x Arjuna’s reaction seeing the universal form);- Lila of when the friends of Krsna say to Him that He is adopted (because His color is different from His parents’);- ittham satam brahma-sukhanubhutya (SB 10.12.11): the good fortune of the sakhas and different views people have of Krsna;- Krishna tries to get a peace treaty with the Kauravas, but Duryodhana doesn’t cooperate (he sees Krsna as an ordinary human being);- Krishna having to carry His friends as a horse because He has lost in the game;- Durvasa Rsi witnesses the sakkhya rasa pastimes of Krsna;- Gopu/Gopurama lila katha (a special sweet name of Lord of His childhood pastimes).

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