Importance of dancing + Seva of Raghava Pandit (English translation) – Shape of Giriraja is like a sleeping cow and a peacock; – Autumn season rasa-lila vs. spring season rasa-lila; – Panchayati rasa that took place in Vrndavana, and which kind of gopis attained to it; – How the Sarna Sitas (golden statues of Sita) became gopis; – Dandakaranya rsis saw to Lord Rama and got His blessing to be born as a gopi in krishna-lila; – Rsis of Dandakaranya waited so much for krishna-lila, so we should have patience as well in our sadhana; – Apsara kunda and Naval kunda; – Here there were so many Tamal and Kadamba trees; – The cave of Raghav Pandita and his incomparable service to Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu; – Importance of dancing like the gopis; – 5 places that Chaitanya Mahaprabhu always stays; OBS: Gurudev says: “everyone who is sitting here has gopi bhava”.

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