• Meeting with Nanda Maharaja and the gopis
  • Uddhava kyari katha;
  • Uddhava saw Braja in the state of meeting and then separation;
  • The condition of Mother Yashoda feeling separation from Krishna;
  • Meeting of Uddhava and Nanda Maharaja;
  • Uddhava trying to tell to Nanda Maharaja that Krishna was Bhagavan;
  • What gopis whispered to each other when they saw Uddhava;
  • Why did the gopis not embrace to Uddhava even though he is so similar to Krishna?;
  • Gopis ask to Krsna about rasika brahma, definition of love etc – Love with cause vs. Causeless love;
  • Krsna sent to Draupadi the clothes of the gopis He had robbed;
  • If you have wealth, everybody gives honor and respect to you;
  • The money that Krsna sent to Sudama He had taken from the donation box of the temples.

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