Playlist - Morning walks 2022

17/01/22 am – Manifestation of Radha-kunda (English) – Brazil

-Relation between shravana, kirtana & smarana.-Lila of Radha-kunda’s manifestation in krishna-lila.-Radha-kunda is non different from Srimati Radhika.-Srimati Radhika is embodiment of mahabhava.-Srila Rupa Gosvami about Radha-kunda in Upadeshamrita shloka 9.-Radha-kunda manifestation...

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16/01/22am – Seva of Manjaris (English) – Brazil

Part 1 -From which potencies parikaras & jivas manifest from.-Parikaras do direct service to Srimati Radhika & jivas only get anugatya-mayi seva under parikars.-Nikatagata-seva & durgata-seva, svatantra-mayi seva & who does it.-Manjaris’ seva is very confidential.-Srimati...

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14/01/22 – Jiva-tattva vs parikara-tattva (English) – Brazil

-Jivas manifested from marginal potency of Lord are in jiva-tattva.-In parikara-tattva automatically in their heart rasa is there & their sthayibhava will never change.-Lila of Yashoda Maiya asking Kundalata, her maidservant what is rasa when they saw red spots on Krishna’s body...

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13/01/22 – The Glories of Srimati Radhika (English) – Brazil

-What do the 3 syllables A, U, M stand for in OM mantra.-More condensed form of OM is Klim.-What do the syllables in Klim stand for?-Transcendental sound OM received by Brahma from Narayana.-Srimati Radhika manifested from Krishna when He was thinking of performing lila.-Krishna is...

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04/01/22 – Glories of Vishakha-devi (Morning walk) – Brazil

-No difference between holy names & Sri Hari.-No rules & regulations regarding time, place for chanting.-Lila of Madhumangala telling whats in Krishna mind with a story of afemale big white swan (Srimati Radhika), group of small white swans (gopis) & male black swan (Krishna)...

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