Playlist - Malaysia 2016

06/09/16 – Hari-katha (English) – Malaysia

17:46 upakhyan upadesha (woodcutter drops his axe in the river, after being honest Varuna devata gave 3 axes to him), 33:17 lila (Durvasa Risi was sitting watching Krsna and his gopas fighting, and they came to ask him who won the fight), 56:06 continues lila, 1:02:45 lila (rasa lila), 1:17:42 lila (Krsna sends Udhava to pacify the gopis)

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05/09/16 – Hari-katha (English) – Malaysia

9:17 Lila (Narada Risi got intoxicated by the remnants of Narayana and went to Kailash, he gave to Shiva), 13:17 lila (Krsna had high fever and He needed the foot dust of his devotee to be cured, but only the gopis gave), 23:13 lila (king serves 1000 sadhus everyday and took theirs remnants, Vishnu came one day as a leprosy sadhu, than the king was cursed to become a dog and be liberated by Mahaprabhu, lepra), 32:48 lila (Brahma got confused when saw Krsna eating the remnants of gopas and he hides all the gopas), 51:40 lila (Raghunatha das Gosvami was making Syama-kunda and planed to cut the trees, but they were the Pandavas)

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