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13/02/22am – Varaha-dvadashi (English) – Colombia

-Ekadashi-tattva is bhagavata-tattva/vishhnu-tattva.

-Mura demon getting benediction of not getting killed by Lord Vishnu from Lord Shiva. 

-Lila of Mura demon getting killed by a lady manifested from Lord Vishnu’s form.

-Ekadashi-tithi’s other name is hari-vasa-tithi.

-Varahadeva manifested from the nostrils of Brahmaji.

-4 Kumaras hearing from Brahmaji that sannyasa ashrama is best after Brahmaji initially asked them to enter into household life.

-How difficult is grihastha-ashrama especially in Kali-yuga & also difficulty in making krishna-samsara as well.

-Brahmaji’s prayers to Lord Vishnu to protect 4 Kumaras from merging into Brahman.

-4 Kumaras getting attracted to the fragrance of tulasi from Lord’s lotus feet & being stopped by Jaya & Vijaya cursed them.

-Lila of Varahadeva killing Hiranyaksha & bringing the earth back.

-Journey of Varahadeva’s vigraha from the hands of Kuvera to Mathura after Shatrughna killed Lavanasura & got the deity from Lord Rama.

-Brahma-vimohana lila.

-Krishna will be pleased if any Vrajavasi is glorified.

-Lila of Durvasa Rishi constantly looking at Krishna’s face when Krishna sat on his lap & shaking his beard & asking who is the winner of argument between Him & His friends.

-Impersonalists desire to merge into Brahman & Brahmaji is in dasya-rasa.

-Vrajavasis don’t think of Krishna as Bhagavan.

-Only a butcher doesn’t want to listen to vraja-katha. 

-Always listen to vraja-katha & stay in Vraja.

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12/02/22 pm – Bhaimi-ekadashi (English) – Colombia

-Bhaimi-ekadashi or Jaya-ekadashi is not connected with Bhima
-The Lord allowed Bhima to observe once a year a nirjala-ekadashi
-Shastras give a concession in this Kali-yuga to take anukalpa (a little food) on Ekadashi
-Do not make a feast on Ekadashi, otherwise you will not get the proper fruits of this vrata
-The story of a gandharva who became a ghost because of Indra’s curse, but then was freed from the ghost body by observing one Ekadashi
-Description of ghosts’ bodies and ghosts’ activities
-When I was doing a fire sacrifice in Mathura one ghost possessed a lady. I put water, maha-prasada into the mouth of that lady, chanted nrisimha-mantra and the ghost run away
-Sometimes ghosts possess people to get deliverance from their bodies
Ganga-jala and tulasi-patra are very powerful. If you keep them in your house it will never be haunted by ghosts
-Sagо (tapioca) and quinoa is prohibited on Ekadashi
-If you die in Ekadashi, you will go to Goloka Vrindavana
-The real meaning of footdust of the pure devotee of the Lord
-Atithi devo bhava – We never know what form the Lord will present to us, so we must treat every guest as God. This is the Vedic culture
-Vrajavasis are very persistent in forcing the sadhu to take prasada. This is their way of expressing their love. One has to be patient with their scolding
-Upasana – Chant holy names on Ekadashi in sadhu-sanga

  • 5 processes of bhakti
    -5 karmendriyas and 5 jnanendriyas
    -Ambarisha-Durvasa katha
  • Meaning of ‘madhava’ in Madhava-tithi
    -Chant this sloka in Ekadashi: 1st sloka of Srimad Bhagavad-gita
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12/02/22 midday – Glories of Srimati Radhika (English) – Colombia

-Varsana is the birth place of Srimati Radhika & our ultimate goal.
-Meaning of Varsana.
-Srimati Radhika being Krishna’s svarupa-shakti is our ishtadevi.
-Srimati Radhika is manifested due to Krishna’s desire to relish the mellows.
-Description of beautiful nature in Goloka Vrindavana that triggered a desire in Krishna to perform lila.
-Manifestation of beautiful Srimati Radhika from Krishna’s left hand & and how She captivated Krishna.
-Meaning of Radha. She fulfils all the desires of Krishna.
-Manifestation of different sakhis like gopis, manjaris by Srimati Radhika for Krishna’s pleasure.
-Bona fide guru comes from Goloka Vrindavana & brings his disciple to Goloka.
-Gopa-kumara katha briefly: about Srimati Radhika’s order to Gopa-kumara & how he went to different lokas by chanting the mantra given by his guru.
-Associate with pure devotees of Lord & listen to hari-katha to awaken the potency within you.
-One moment you associate with sadhu you attain the highest perfect goal.
-3 principles needed to submerge in shringara-rasa.
-Radha-dasyam is our goal & it is very rare.
-Gurupadashraya, diksha, shiksha & vishrambhena-guru-seva.
-Importance of vaidhi-marga before entering into raganuga-bhakti.
-Give respect to all ladies as to your mothers & sisters & be careful of maya with respect to dealings with women.
-Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura says when will I go to Navadvipa-dhama & walk on the banks of Ganges & cry chanting the name of Krishna, Radha.
-In Navadvipa there is Goloka Vrindavana, Varsana.
-Navadvipa-parikrama has 2 fruits of doing parikrama for Navadvipa & Vrindavana.
-Gaurasundara is a combined form of Radha & Krishna.

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11/02/22pm – How guru holds our hands (English) – Colombia

  • Meaning of the seed of devotion (bhakti-lata-bija)
  • The fortunate soul can meet a bona fide guru
  • How to get desire to serve Krsna
  • Glories of nama-sankirtana
  • Definition of the 4 yugas.
  • We should always chant the holy names in any circumstance
  • Lila of the brahmana asking money from Shivaji to arrange the marriage of his daughter.
  • If you chant faithfully, the holy names will fulfil all your desires.
  • The faith of Srila BV Svami Maharaja in the holy names.
  • Do all your responsibilities but chant the holy names then you will attain eternal happiness.
  • Those who worshipped the deity of the Lord for 100 births can chant holy names.
  • Those who came in the line of Mahaprabhu are very lucky.
  • If guru holds your hand you will never fall down and attain Goloka Vrndavana.
  • Story of the baby that tries to hold the hand of his father to cross the river.
  • We should be one-pointed and surrendered and have firm faith in gurupada-padma.
  • If you love God, you love everybody.
  • We should love everybody.
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11/02/22 midday – Krishna karnamrita and namamrita (English) – Colombia

-Krishna-lila & gaura-lila are eternal & transcendental.

-Extreme fortune living entities can see the lila.

-Krishna lila is sambhoga-mayi-lila.Mahaprabhu-lila is vipralambha-lila.

-Mahaprabhu is the embodiment of munificience & magnanimity.

-Nity- lila & naimittika-lila with examples in Gauranga’s lila & Krishna’s lila.

-Lila of Nimai being stubborn to have butter from Sacimata.

-Depending on your bhajana-sadhana you will have realisations.

-Gaura-lila & krishna-lila are going on in different brahmandas.

-Lila of Krishna killing Kesi demon.

-Shukadeva Gosvami is directly looking at krishna-lila & speaking directly.

-When we speak some maya words are used. Eg of Krishna’s eyes being compared with lotus flowers.

-Krishna’s vigraha is sat-chit-ananda.

-When you do bhajana-sadhana & by Krishna’s mercy you will have realisations.

-Lila of Lokanatha Gosvami speaking with his deity Radha-Vinoda lala to signify that deity speaks with uttama-uttama-bhagavatа.

-Lila of Srimati Radhika covering Srila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami with a sari to give him shade.

-Lila of Krishna giving a sila to Srila Sanatana Gosvami to circumambulate rather than doing Giriraja-parikrama in old age.

-Jadamrita, svargamrita, mokshamrita, vaikuntamrita, krsna-kathamrita

-Bhagavata-kathamrita in the mouth of Srila Shukadeva Gosvamipada.

-Namamrita is more powerful than kathamrita

-When you listen to krishna-katha, taste will come to you to chant holy names.

-Present impressions & past impressions.

-Srila Parama-Gurudeva’s reply to a devotee from ISKCON who said he didn’t listen to gopi-katha.

-Don’t imitate Krishna or Shivaji’s act of drinking poison.

-Ceto darpana marjanam sloka discussion.

-Srila Svami Maharaja said take maha-prasada & chant holy names.

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