Playlist - Australia 2016

02/10/16am – Rama-katha (English translation) – Australia

  • Auspicious things must be done immediately
  • 20:19 Rama sent Lashmana to ask Ravana for some instructions before he died
  • 31:12 Dasharatha Maharaja announce the crowning of Rama for the next day, because it was a auspicious day, but Manthara changed Kaikeyi’s mind
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30/09/16pm – We should always honor sadhu and Guru (English translation) – Australia

  • We should always honor sadhu and Guru
  • 6:08 Agastya rishi cursed Indradyumna Maharaj to become an elephant, because he didn’t honored him
  • 19:05 Sankaracarya was waiting for his personal servant Giri to start Hari katha, but the disciples told he wouldn’t understand anything
  • 27:07 Upamanyu was in charge of taking care of the cows, his guru told not to drink milk, but he was very hungry and ate some plant which made him blind
  • 45:50 there was a Rama’s sevaka (Dvivida banar) which was envious of Lakshmana, because of this Rama left him in this material world. In Dvapara-yuga he associated with bad personalities and criticized Baladeva Prabhu
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23/09/16am – The power of nama-abhasa (English) – Australia

  • 31:10 a Muslim is killed by a pig while he’s chanting “Haram” and got liberation)
  • 32:53 a sadhu is passing by 2 thieves and they are chanting the names of the Lord, then a lightening strike the thieves and they got liberation
  • 43:51 baby deer is being hunted and there is no escape, but it starts to sing Lord’s name and everything became safe again
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