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19/06/21am – Parikshit Maharaj’s Story (SB 9.4) (Hindi) – Mathura

-Maharaja Nabhaga’s story
-If you stay in Vraja without offences, bhava will appear in your heart
-Svarupa-lakshana and tatastha-lakshana of bhava: kshantir (heart never disturbed),
-Parikshit Maharaj is the best example of kshantir. Story of Parikshit Maharaj
-Story of a sadhu and a woman who threw a dirty cloth into him but he made ghee wicks out of it
-Obstacles in bhakti
-Power of sadhu-sanga
-One should worship the Deities properly without comparing oneself to Vidurani who fed Krishna banana skins
-Raga-marga includes vidhi-marga but vidhi-marga does not include raga-marga

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21/04/21 – Morning darshan

  • Krishna is the source of all incarnations
  • Service of Hanuman. Story of Hanuman snapping his fingers and Lord Ramachandra yawning
  • Explanation of mamata with example of a cow and her baby calf
  • Story of Hanuman biting the necklace
  • Story of Hanuman smearing himself with sindoor
  • Importance of one-pointedness. Murari Gupta wanted to commit suicide and Mahaprabhu saved him
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04/03/21pm – Appearance of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Prabhupada, Gaudiya Guru Parampara (Hindi) – Mathura

-Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswatipad established Gaudiya Matha -What is meant by Gaudiya? -About Panchopasana. -Jiva by Swaroop is Krishna Das. -2 types of Vaishnava. Suddha vaishnava & Viddha Vaishnava. -Bhagavan descends to reduce the burden of earth by killing demons & manifests Goloka Vrindavan Lila here. -Krishna’s activities come under Lila whereas baddha jivas activities come under karma. -About Vaishnava,Karsani & Gaudiya meaning. -Sampradaya means from which Krishna Prema donation haappens. -One has to take mantra from one of the 4 sampradayas in padma purana to obtain fruits of chanting mantra. -Pancharatrik parampara , Bhagavathiya Parampra. -Srila Baladev VidyaBhushan prabhu pastime of upholding the Gaudiya Siddhanta of worshipping Srimati RadhaRani along with Krishna in Jaipur. -Srila Ragunatha Das goswami comes first in Rupanugas.About diksha & siksha guru. -Give up Guru only if he is 1.Mayavadi 2.Vaishnava Ninduk 3.Fallen in materialistic things. -Vaidhi Marga bhakti & then Ragunaga Marga bhakti & finally Rupanaga Bhajan paddathi. -Only by greed you will have to buy but not by many lives sukriti. -Gaudiya sampradaya main goal is service in the guidance of Rupa goswami. -If you hold hands of Guru you may leave. But if Guru catches hold of you will not fall. -Nitya sakhi & Prana sakhi has manjari bhava. -About Nitya Siddha & their svatantra service. About sadhan siddha & their paratantra service.

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